Why Happiness Matters

Wondering why happiness matters? Alice Vo Edwards, one of our co-founders, explains why it matters to her, in this video. While Alice’s desire to support the happiness of others stems from a focus on preventative measures to reduce depression and suicide, there are many different reasons why people might seek to learn more about their own, or others’ wellbeing and happiness.

Everyone’s story is unique, and what wellbeing, happiness, and satisfaction with life looks like is different for each person. Lift Up Vegas seeks to work with local organizations to make sure that individuals across the valley have access to the tools and resources they need, to go after their inalienable, constitutional right to the personal pursuit of happiness.

What do we mean by happiness? Often people define happiness differently so this is an important question. Click here to learn more about the definition of happiness we use and the domains of happiness that the Lift Up Vegas survey measures.