The Power of the Share

Sometimes you feel like your voice isn’t being heard. Like no one cares about your opinions. Some places, that may be true, but there’s still one place you still have power. Power to make people laugh. Power to sway other people’s decisions. Power to motivate. Power to inform. Me? Yes you.


Where? On Facebook. You may be skeptical but I’ve managed social media for companies with millions of users and I can tell you there is nothing so powerful on Facebook as a “share”. Far more powerful than a like, a share appears to tell the mysterious algorithms which power Facebook that whatever you’ve just shared is meaningful at a whole new level than something you merely liked. I have seen a single share take a post from 18 views to over 300.


Just like Peter Parker was told by his grandfather, Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility.” You have the power, every day, with every Facebook like and share (or twitter re-tweet for that matter), to increase either the positive or negative messaging that the rest of the world around you sees.


In addition to influencing others, your like and share choices affect your own mindset. Based on what you choose to like and share, Facebook shows you more news tailored to what it interprets as your preferences. Whether you do this intentionally or not, you are creating your own filtered version of the world around you, one that reflects the types of things you spend your time and energy on.


What you see on Facebook, be it positive or negative, has an effect on your mood and mindset. If you’re seeing things you don’t like, stop responding to them, start filtering them out, and start focusing on things you do like and enjoy. With a little time, what you see on Facebook will change also. Now, rather than being a passive consumer or reactor to what you see on Facebook, YOU will be controlling what your mind sees, and what stimuli your mind has to react (positively or negatively) to.


Will they be more rants about political disappointments, spaghetti bowl traffic, or frustrations over Medicare? Or will they be invitations to share a laugh or do something positive?


There’s one thing I hope you will share, for a cause I care deeply about. I am providing a link for a survey to assess the happiness and wellbeing of Clark County citizens. This survey will allow you to see how you rank across 13 different domains of Happiness compared to others nationwide. To learn more about the survey, please go to I am hoping you will choose to take this survey, share the link, and help thousands of people in the Las Vegas Valley to take the survey this year.


Depending on your number of friends and how active online they are, those numbers can go way up. Want to amp up your game? Researchers have found that humility and humbleness go far on Facebook: those who ask for an opinion or tag friends get far more feedback and interaction.