Mental Health Resources

For immediate emergencies, always call 911

Local resources for mental health – depression, suicide, and other mental illness:

Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention. Classes, workshops, meetings and more.

Suicidal Ideations Treatment Center Las Vegas – Seven Hills. If you are worried that you or someone you know is talking about suicide, this may be a resource to look into.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Nevada Chapter. Volunteer and participate in events to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

National or out of state resources: This is a great organization founded by Jimm, who survived his suicide attempt as a high schooler, dealt with multiple mental illness diagnoses and medications, but has been able to wean himself off of medication over time by creating healthy systems for managing his mental health. This is an inspirational story for many people dealing with similar issues. Their bracelet campaign and Jimm’s story are also a great way to talk to someone you care about who is dealing with suicidal thoughts, that you matter to them, that they are not alone, and that, similar to Jimm’s mom, you are someone they matter to, who would be really upset if they left died. They also have a mentoring program that is available via Skype for people outside California who just need someone to talk to.

Office of Suicide Prevention. This has links to all the resources available through the state.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center. This is the national organization, but has the contacts for the local contacts in our state. This is a great resource if you want to learn more about national efforts, training, and resources. As of their latest report on the suicide hotline, Nevada is only answering over 50% of the calls received – the rest are being sent out of state. Reno can only support so many volunteers (and most of the support is from volunteers). We need another call center in Southern Nevada.