Inspiration Circle @ Bloom

December 10, 2018 @ 12:45 am – 2:00 am
520 S. 7th Street
Las Vegas
nv 89101
Thrive Las Vegas
Inspiration Circle @ Bloom @ Bloom | Las Vegas | nv | US

Struggling with staying positive or need some extra encouragement, motivation, or inspiration?

Come feed your soul and be re-filled with positive energy by participating our Inspiration Circle!

• What we’ll do
Intention: There are different types of circles. This circle is intended to be a mentoring circle to help encourage and build up members in facing our daily challenges and building personal strength and resilience to deal positively with the tasks we face. Here circle members come together to exchange wisdom and mutual support. When we are in circle conversations, we agree to:
● Speak from our heart and from our own experience.
● Listen with respect, compassion, and curiosity.
● Hold stories or personal material in confidentiality.
● Be willing to discover and explore, noticing patterns, themes, new questions.

This circle follows the PeerSpirit Components of the Circle (, with
1. Intention
2. Welcome Start-point
3. Center and Check-in/Greeting
4. Agreements
5. Three Principles and Three Practices
6. Guardian of process
7. Check-out and Farewell


The circle is an all leader group.

1. Leadership rotates among all circle members.

2. Responsibility is shared for the quality of experience.

3. Reliance is on wholeness, rather than on any personal agenda.


1. To speak with intention: noting what has relevance to the conversation in the moment.

2. To listen with attention: respectful of the learning process for all members of the group.

3. To tend the well-being of the circle: remaining aware of the impact of our contributions.

Interested in joining but have questions? Email Alice Vo Edwards at
If this time doesn’t work for you, let’s connect and I can help you establish another circle.

• What to bring

• Important to know
This is for men and women, but space is limited so that everyone who comes has space and freedom to talk. Please don’t sign up unless you are planning to attend.

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