Become an Agent of Compassion

Agents of Compassion pledge monthly or annual support to Lift Up Vegas to help forward the cause of Happiness and Wellbeing research, education, and advocacy in Clark County. While we talk about Happiness a lot, happiness or joy is the wellspring that flows when we practice living compassionately, in community with those around us and in greater community with others in the world. As Agents of Compassion, we strive to think about others who are suffering in the world, do what we can to help others, as well as working on our own inward journey. Lift Up Vegas strives to provide education and resources to our community to give you tools and knowledge to be better Agents of Compassion in the world.

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Choose the donation level that makes YOU happiest, and join us in Happiness Advocacy today!

Happiness Cheerleader $10

You think what we are doing is great. This is your way of saying “keep up the good work!”

Happiness Advocate $25

You like what we’re doing and you may even decide to come to one of our classes or workshops one of these days. We’ll send you a coupon for $10 off a future class of your choice.

Happiness Huggabear $100

You awesome person, you. Thank you. No, really. Thank you. I want to give you a big hug and say thank you again. We’ll be doing a class on the power of the hug, and you will be invited to this awesome hug fest. And there’s a shirt involved, that you get to keep, I hear.

Happiness Unicorn $500

You’ve already been using your powers to spread around a little happiness and maybe even some hugs while you were at it, but you are totally down for supporting us in doing more. You’re definitely coming to the hug fest and bringing friends to a class or two. You want a ticket to the Las Vegas Happiness and Wellbeing Summit because you have happiness enough to share. 

 Please Note: To make a tax-deductible donation and receive an end of year donation letter, please contact us first.